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Fat Freddy's Drop

Fat Freddy's Drop has taken the world by storm with their hypnotic dub and future soul grooves. Their debut studio album Based On A True Story has received five star reviews since its release, making history as the first independently distributed album to hit number one on the NZ Album Charts, reaching platinum status within its first two weeks. The seven-piece family of musicians that is Fat Freddy's Drop are first and foremost a live band, emerging through a multitude of incarnations, from funk jam bands to reggae sound-systems, jazz improvisation and live techno, to become one of New Zealand's most loved and respected groups. No two Freddy's gigs are the same as the midnight marauders improvise and jam mystic supernovas of future funk, fakes and freaky sidesteps. Their amazing debut album is a soulful and laidback mix of hiphop, jazz, reggae, dub, soul and funk. The production process was pure organic Freddy's with the ten tunes evolving almost entirely live on stage, all arrangements then recorded and fine-tuned by the seven players in the studio. Their tracks allows Joe Dukie's voice to ring out and it is complimented by deep dub basslines. Filled with funky horns and floorfilling keyboard stabs, sometimes making room for sparse but well-excecuted guitar solos. Their brilliant togetherness and jamming open spaces gives the songs wonderful balance, haunting the listener while the beat moves their head.

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Tracklisting & Previews

Every song has Hi quality (128kbit/sec) mp3 previews for fast connections and Lo (64kbit/sec) for slow ones, which can be played with any media player. The m3u playlists can be opened in Winamp, Mediaplayer and iTunes. This way you can listen to all the previews in a row.

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# Title Duration Preview
1. Ernie 7:17 Play Hi Play Lo
2. Cay's Crays 7:07 Play Hi Play Lo
3. This Room 5:00 Play Hi Play Lo
4. Ray Ray 7:38 Play Hi Play Lo
5. Dark Days 6:40 Play Hi Play Lo
6. Flashback 6:30 Play Hi Play Lo
7. Roady 7:10 Play Hi Play Lo
8. Wandering Eye 9:49 Play Hi Play Lo
9. Del Fuego 5:24 Play Hi Play Lo
10. Hope 7:19 Play Hi Play Lo

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